First Day was an SBS series that told the stories of migrants and refugees arriving in Australia. First Day stories aired on SBS World News' television and radio news bulletins throughout January 2016. Feature-length versions of the stories were published online.

I worked on this project as a producer, researcher, reporter and writer. 

The 29-year-old Chinese migrant who started a multimillion dollar fashion company

SBS World News, 27 January 2016

She spent six months lying to her parents about having a job after she gave up a finance career to start a business that collapsed. But Jane Lu used her free time to start building an online fashion store and today it's worth $10 million. Full story

From Iranian warzone to Australian federal parliament

SBS World News, 21 January 2016

Growing up in a warzone and fleeing Iran for Australia sowed the seeds for Sam Dastyari to become a politician committed to refugees and asylum seekers. Full story

The Syrian migrant who became a beauty industry powerhouse

SBS World News, 19 January 2016

Sue Ismiel was beaten up on a school bus in her first week of school in Australia. But rather than shrink into the background, the Syrian migrant used the experience as inspiration to drive her forward. Full story

The Turkish migrant devoted to feeding late-night revellers and loyal customers

SBS World News, 18 January 2016

Fatima Bozoglu has been serving kebabs to hungry masses in Sydney for decades. But the chaos and adrenaline of fast-food restaurants is a long way from the Turkish village she grew up in. Full story

Family reunited in Australia after six years in Kenyan refugee camp

SBS World News, 12 January 2016

Deo Masudi witnessed the rape of his wife and daughter when they were attacked in their home in Africa. The family fled the country but it would be years before they could finally feel safe. Full story

Leaving the Cook Islands alone to get an education in Australia

SBS World News, 8 January 2016

Margaret Nekeare-Cowan moved to Australia from Rarotonga as a teenager, overcoming shyness and language barriers to raise five children and become an advocate for Sydney's Cook Islands community. Full story

The trailblazing businesswoman who followed her heart from India to Australia

SBS World News, 9 January 2016

She left behind friends and family to move to Australia at 20. Now, Rohini Kappadath is now an award-winning businesswoman on a mission to help other women rise in the ranks. First Day

How a chance encounter started celebrity chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s career

SBS World News, 7 Jan 2016

Tetsuya Wakuda might seem like he’s been cooking all his life but the Japanese-born chef says it was actually a chance meeting on his first day in Sydney that got him into the kitchen. First Day

The PNG singer who came to Australia as a teen and is now playing festivals

SBS World News, 5 Jan 2016

She felt like an outsider when she started school in Australia after migrating at 16, but Papua New Guinea-born singer Ngaiire has made a career out of individuality and her growing fan base can't get enough. Full story

The pioneering surgeon who came to Australia on a leaky boat

SBS World News, 4 Jan 2016

Confronted by a horrific order to cut the ears off a group of army defectors, Dr Munjed Al Muderis fled Iraq in 1999 and has never been back. Now a leading surgeon based in Sydney, he is helping amputees to walk again. Full story

Ali Abbas' incredible journey from Iraq to Australian football glory

SBS World News, 6 December 2015

Ali Abbas famously sought asylum in Australia after coming to the country as a member of the Iraq football team. Now a Sydney FC player and Australian citizen, he has vivid memories of a day that would prove life-changing. Full story